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Do you want to remove scrap coppers in Adelaide or anywhere in Adelaide? We have different sizes of vehicles and can provide any vehicle according to your needs. We are specialised in low clearance removals in the Adelaide CBD area.

Free of cost and get paid for the metals. As a leading aluminium, brass, and copper recycling firm in Adelaide, we offer lucrative scrap selling options in Adelaide with a focus on customers.


We are a leading copper scrap metal remover and recycler based in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia. We value our customers and offer the best rates for scrap copper all around Adelaide.

We come to your place and pickup all your unwanted scrap copper, brass, aluminium, etc and we pay you top prices. If you have a problem getting rid of your scrap copper, don’t worry, give us a call and we will arrange a pickup, most probably within the same day.

We buy your unwanted cars as well. If you have a old used car which you no longer use and just eating up your space, call us and let us know. We pay the best money for your car in the industry.

Why Choose Us?
  • Hundreds of happy customers around South Australia (Car Removal Customers, Factory Cleanout Customers, Farm Cleanout Customers, Manufacturing Companies, etc)
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Fast, reliable, effective and efficient service
  • Same day service around Adelaide
  • Best rates in the industry offered to you


We are one of the leading scrap metal dealers in Adelaide and below are our services.

$$$ For Scrap Metal

Do you have scrap metal you want to get rid of? We pay instant $$$ for any kind of scrap metal you have. And we take them away from you for free. Give us a call today or fill the form above to arrange a pickup.

$$$ For Copper/Brass

We pay fast and instant $$$ for any kind of Non-Ferrous metal. Do you have scrap copper,lead, cables, etc taking up your valuable space and want to get rid of it? We pay top $$$ on the spot!

Factory Cleanouts

Is your factory full of unwanted and junk metal scrap? Maybe you have unwanted machinery you want to get rid of? Give us a call and arrange a pickup. We will come and take it out of your hands as fast as possible.

We Are Specialists In

We collect and pay for any non-ferrous metals. It includes scrap copper, aluminium, brass, and lead. Do you have used storage batteries and wondering whether you can earn something from it?

Call our scrap specialists today and get paid for your batteries after a door-step pick up. You can also contact us to remove old rims, stripped cables, and defective insulated cables, and get paid for the scraps.


Best Price for Scrap Coppers

If you are in Adelaide, call us now. We offer the best price in the industry.

Call us today on 0401 594 987 with your scrap clean up request for an immediate pick up. You can also reach out our scrap metal pick up specialists online and get a free quote for your metal scraps.

Door-Step Pick Up
At Free Of Cost

We pick scrap coppers from your doorstep anywhere in South Australia without charging you. If you are around Adelaide, we offer you with same day pickup service. Note that our scrap metal pick up services are comprehensive that include supplying the bins, making them available to your property, and collecting the scraps at your convenience.

We supply an extensive range of bins that can ensure the safe removal of your scrap metals. The bins are available in different sizes that can carry the scraps of any size and weight.

Best Prices In

If you want cash for copper, we are your preferred option as we offer the best prices in Adelaide. Since we recycle the metals using the latest technology and focused on doing regular business with our valued customers, we offer the best price for scrap metals in Adelaide.

We will evaluate the type of metal and recycling costs to provide the best price for our customers.

Reliable, Quick, Effective, And Efficient Services

At SA Copper Scraps, we offer reliable, quick, and efficient scrap removal services. As soon as you contact us, our specialists will provide you with a convenient recycling solution based on your needs.

We can offer both industrial-scale factory clean outs and complete farm clean up services. If needed, we bring the right equipment to dismantle heavy machines and load into our bins. Note that all our services fully licensed and insured.

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