Insulated / Stripped Cable Scraps Recycling

Minimal wastage of natural resources is the only option for a sustainable future. It is particularly true when it comes to metals that are natural and non-renewable.

Do you want to contribute to sustainability efforts by selling your stripped or faulty insulated cables? You can do this and can also earn cash for scrap cables while contributing to the environment.

At SA Copper Scraps, we collect stripped and faulty insulated cables from customers across south Australia. We recycle the cables and reduce the need for mining copper to minimize the ecological impacts and the depletion of the mineral wealth.

Most importantly, you earn the best rate or cash for scrap insulated cables in your home and business.

A Comprehensive Service

At SA Copper Scraps, we offer end-to-end metal scrap pick up including Free Quote, Free pick up of scrap metals and cables, Free supply of bins for pick up and Fair payment services.

As a leading copper cable recycling firm in Adelaide, we focus on offering transparent service experience to our customers. They can get a free quote for the scraps before choosing our services. At SA Copper Scraps, we are committed to offering the best prices for your metal scraps and cables in Adelaide.

We offer you free bin hire and come with special tools to move sharp metals or heavy cables from your property. All our cable and metal pick up services are free, and we cover areas across south Australia. If you are based around Adelaide, we assure you same day service.

We also provide with on-time payment and issue it as soon as we receive your scraps and cables.

A Unified, Friendly Service Experience

Throughout the process, you will receive a unified, friendly service experience from us. You can call or contact us online and ask our staff to arrange the pick up of cables from anywhere in south Australia. We have a great range of vehicles, in different sizes, and we will pick your scraps and cables of any quantity. We have qualified and experienced professionals to ensure the safe removal of cables from your home or business with minimal or no fuss.

With a focus on the environment and the health of our customers and employees, we have implemented best practices for the removal of various scrap metals and cables.

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Call us today on 08 722 599 98 to remove stripped and scrap cables from your property. Provide us with the details of your scraps and get an online quote for a transparent service experience.

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