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SA CopperScraps has a solution for all your questions! We collect different type of metal scrap from your property. Moreover, we offer competitive prices on all scrap collected, depending on the purity and condition of the metal.

Whether you’re an individual looking for a scrap metal buyer or a business or corporation looking for resource recovery and recycling, SA Copper Scraps will take care of you professionally and competitively. We accept all scrap metals in any weight or quantity at our recycling centres in Adelaide and can arrange collection or a regular bin service if required. A continuous improvement attitude to site development and service means we offer industry-leading services as well as the best value for your scrap metal.

SA Copper Scraps offers free pick up of metals from anywhere in Adelaide with quick and reliable services. We are specialists in collecting various metal scraps from across South Australia and recycle them to contribute our part to the environment.

Hassle-Free Collection Services

As soon as you contact us with a clean-up request for your property or industrial facility, our staff will design a scrap metal pick up plan that you can choose for your convenience. We will provide you with free plastic bins to collect scraps from your property. We also supply special equipment if you want to remove any heavy machinery or sharp metal parts safely. Our range of vehicles ensures we can pick up scraps in any quantity and size to help you.

Excellent Rate For Scraps In Adelaide

By choosing SA Copper Scraps for scrap aluminium or scrap copper pick up in Adelaide, you will receive the best price for your metals. We are committed to offering the best price for you and make a great, long-lasting relationship with you.

Our state-of-the-art recycling technology and our expertise help us to recycle metals at minimal rates and bring it back to the market. It also enables us to offer the best price for scraps in Adelaide.

You can provide us with the details of your scrap metal and get an online quote before choosing our services. We also focus on transparent business services and issue payments as soon as we receive the scraps.

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Call us today on 08 722 599 98 to remove your scrap metals for recycling. Feel free to get an instant quote for the scrap before scheduling a pick up. Contact Us; our specialists are happy to assist you in your needs.

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