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Disposing of old air conditioners is a time-consuming job for many as they need to identify the landfills that accept air conditioners and carry their units to the dump yard. Mostly, they don’t get anything for the junk removal but need to pay a disposal fee.

Do you know old air conditioners are a popular scrap product for the recycling industry? Every air conditioner unit contains a variety of materials, such as aluminium, copper, wires, electric motors, and several other metals.

You can sell your aircon unit scrap for a great price to SA Copper Scraps. We offer you a hassle-free selling experience by providing the best air conditioner recycling prices in Adelaide and a free pickup.

Are There Ways To Maximise The Value Of Scrap Aircon?

You can maximise the return of the scrap air conditioners by selling in parts, rather than the whole unit. Especially if you can segregate metals and materials inside, you can claim better prices for your aircon scrap.

However, you should have the right tools and equipment for the safe dismantling of your air conditioning unit. Before starting with the unit, you have to contact a licensed professional to safely remove the refrigerant and oils from the air conditioning unit.

Note that even if you are not sorting the materials inside, you should remove the refrigerant before contacting us for recycling the aircon unit.

If you don’t have the tools and expertise to sort your aircon unit safely, you can sell it as a whole unit. At SA Copper Scraps, we are committed to offering you the highest price for your aircon units.

How To Recycle Your Aircon?

We ensure a hassle-free scrap aircon collection with a simplified process. You can contact us online and get an advance quote for your aircon. You can also schedule a free pickup for your aircon from anywhere in South Australia.

Alternatively, you can call us on 08 722 599 98 to get an instant quote and schedule the pickup.

At SA Copper Scraps, we have special equipment and tools to ensure the safe removal of your old air conditioners.

Further, we have specialised vehicles in different sizes to collect your air conditioning units. Our range of transporting vehicles allow us to collect aircon units of different sizes conveniently.

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