Aluminum Scrap Prices

Aluminium is the most useful metal with both commercial and residential applications. For this reason, it is also one of the most recycled materials around the globe.

SA Copper Scraps offers an excellent scrap aluminium price in Adelaide. We buy all types of aluminium scrap products while offering the top aluminium scrap price.

What Types Of Aluminium Do SA Copper Scraps Recycle?

We buy the following types of aluminium scraps by offering a price, but not limited to:

  • Aluminium wires
  • Vehicle parts
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Roofing panels, window frames, roller shutters, cladding
  • Garden furniture, sports equipment
  • Beverage containers such as cans and bottles
  • Aluminium kitchenware

How To Recycle Scrap Aluminium With SA Copper Scraps?

At SA Copper Scraps, we have a simplified procedure to help our customers to recycle aluminium for a price. You can get an online quote for your aluminium scrap and schedule a free pickup from anywhere in South Australia.

You can also call our scrap professionals on 08 722 599 98 to get an instant quote for your scrap metal and schedule the pickup. In addition to providing a hassle-free quote and free pickup option for our customers, we also ensure that they get the best scrap aluminium price in Adelaide.

Note that aluminium comes in different grades, and the final price of your aluminium scrap is based on its grade and the quality.

How To Ensure Top Price For Scrap Aluminium?

With a few tips, you can ensure the maximum aluminium recycling price:

  • Remove all types of attachments of other metals and non-metals. It includes screws, bolts, plastic cases, and anything else apart from aluminium.
  • Segregate painted, light aluminium materials, such as siding, from clean, heavy aluminium products. You will get higher scrap aluminium price per kg for heavy aluminium structural components and plates, compared to light aluminium.
  • Separate cast iron products, such as rims, from dirty aluminium materials such as transmissions, cylinder heads, and other engine parts. As discussed earlier, the price of scrap aluminium changes based on the grade.
  • If your aluminium engine parts or products contain fluids, drain them before selling for recycling the metal.

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